02 October 2006

Death By PowerPoint.

Chemistry was funny as always for all the wrong reasons. Then Pearson says towards the end when she's cutting some 'dangerous metal' that she should be wearing a complete face mask. I can see safety is definitely a priority. Physics before lunch was good, for me at least. I've finally done pretty well in a proper 'equation' h/w, getting something like 25/28. Woooo! Go me!

The final thing was Geography. I finally got to show my film, and I think it was ok. Yes, the music was a bit repetitive and it was long at four minutes (though bearing in mind she did say to come up with 3-4 minutes worth of stuff...). Oh, and I thought I might as well upload it onto YouTube:

Alan had a good go at finding faults with it, for example 'Made on a Mac'. That technically isn't entirely true as it was made mostly on a Mac (my Mac in fact) but converted into something the computers at skl could play on a Windows PC. Then again I had a couple of 'bad points' with his PowerPoint, for example: no music, not a movie, boring!, too much text, no such thing as subsidence farming! and it was certainly DBP (death by powerpoint). Apart from that it was pretty good...


Anonymous James said...

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3/10/06 12:55 pm  
Anonymous AW said...

Look here you... my powerpoint was not in any way boring - it was the most enthralling part of the afternoon except looking up Spooks DVDs on Play.com and service not giving a...
Oh and made on a mac was not my best comment - the one about it being a cure for insomnia was by far the best! So if you're feeling tired and dont' want to go to sleep yet, don't click that youtube link.

4/10/06 9:33 pm  

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