29 September 2006

Look, It Hasn't Cut My Hand Off!

In Physics there was possibly the funniest quote of the term. Greenwood was showing us how light get reflected/refracted in glass using a laser and suddenly waved his hand in the beam and shouted, "Oooooh! Look, it hasn't cut my hand off!" So unbelievably random! Maths was a bit unfair. Griffths made a point when he handed back my h/w that he had actually written more corrections, then I had done work. I'm sorry but he blatantly hadn't. Then again, he did point out that I was the only one who did any algebra - sorry, rewrote what was in the textbook, not knowing that it was right!

Geo was a test, the third in about as many weeks. Again I'm pretty sure that I mucked it up. Then at lunch we went down to KFC. I was amazed/shocked at what happened on the way back. Alan collects circus posters (no comment...) and saw some guy putting some up. So he asked for a couple, then the guy gave him some free tickets to the circus, then I made a disbelieving sound, and he gave me some too. What??? I probably won't go anyway, but still. Chem involved some more lasers, and some diffraction...


Blogger Y2Ken (The Panayi Factor) said...

Nice blogging Craig. Greenwood truly is a crazy man. Him and his "laser light show".

2/10/06 1:37 pm  

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