03 October 2006

a, a+2d, a+3d...

I'd love to meet the person who arranges and decides when all the school events take place, mainly because they always seem to make a complete hash of it. For instance, House Music this year takes place the same day as Rememberance Assembly. Yeah, like that will happen. So it's been moved back a week, the same time I'm in Shrewsbury measuring pebbles again. So it's not gonna get filmed. Well it's probably gonna move again.

Griffths gave us a bit of a shock today in Maths. We have barely covered anything and we have like three weeks to finish the module. I think its because he keeps asking us if we have done: a, a+d, a+2d..... and of course we just say no and we do it all again every lesson. Oh, and I had the monument free as well, and did the Geography h/w, which involved putting it on the T drive, and naturally people had copied me. I was pretty stunned, by lunch there were three pretty much identical copies of it! What was that, I can delete stuff as well as write...


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