05 October 2006

Hooray For Spotlight!

I thought I'd begin today by talking a bit about Spotlight. Many of you aren't Mac users so won't know what I'm talking about. Spotlight is like a decent search function for your computer, and I mean decent. Not like the Windows, take fifteen minutes then might give up search. This does it in seconds and can actually search in documents. Say I couldn't remember where I put my Geo h/w or what I called it, I can just type in 'rivers' and boom! Sweet.

PSE today was actually decent. The chief driving examiner for Chelmsford gave us a talk about getting a drivers licence. Well it certainly was interesting and more relevant than previous things we were lectured to about. I don't like the look of the hazard perception bit of the theory test though, you really have to be on the ball. Geo was doing more of the river revision/filling in gaps which we should already know. I felt pretty awful after Maths, but hey, it's winter. Physics ended the day, we have a test tomorrow which is bad. Better revise then...


Blogger Richard said...

Is that not exactly the same as Google Desktop Search?

8/10/06 8:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and boom!

11/10/06 7:25 pm  

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