11 October 2006

Few And Far Between.

I haven't really had a rant on here for a while, so I think it's about time I had one. There are two things bugging me at this point in time, firstly the stupid fire alarm at lunch and secondly House Music. So let me begin.

About halfway through lunch the bell began to ring and it didn't stop, so it was a fire drill? Well this is not normally too bad, you miss some of the lesson you are in. However this was lunchtime and it meant that we missed a fair bit of it, and anyway we had to get down to Riverside, so we were gonna be late. Then add the fact that it was really chucking it down, not a little drizzle, but it was actually raining fairly heavily. So in the end we had to hang around for ages on the playground getting completely soaked and gained very little out of it.

Now for my next topic, House Music. I might as well say beforehand that House Music is actually pretty boring. There are only about 5 things worse watching/listening to, out of a good twenty acts. Filming it is tedious, editing it can be boring (sometimes I think, why can't we hire snipers to simply kill anyone who plays a boring piece during House Music) and generally it is a lot of work. So it's good that I'm away when it's happening! It's not gonna get filmed. Oh wait, it is, but some of the new techies. I'm fine with that, I'd prefer to just keep an eye over everything - considering most, if not all have never done something like this before.

Why are we in this situation? One reason: the people/person who decides when events take place is rubbish at their job. Firstly it gets placed the same day as Rememberance Assembly (any reasonable person can see this simply won't work). Then it gets moved a week later, no real problem with this. Oh wait, they don't consulte the people who are going to have to put in the most work: before, during and after House Music.

We did actually try to get House Music moved to the 8th November (two days before it was originally scheduled to take place), but obviously to no avail. A number of reasons were cited though as to why it couldn't move:
  1. It is only a month away, so getting someone to come and judge the event at such short notice may be difficult.
  2. It is an 'end of the week' event.
  3. It would 'clash' with the Wind Band practice at lunch.
  4. It would 'clash' with some other music practice after school.
The first point is true. I completely agree with it. The second point is a bit dodgy. Yes, it is more of an 'end of the week' event, but this doesn't mean it can't be in the middle of the week can it? It would be better if it could be at the end of the week, but it isn't 'the law' that it has to be. Assembly is on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. It isn't always, sometimes it's cancelled and sometimes it moves to the other spare days. The world doesn't suddenly go on mass riots, people work around it. The last two points are plain rubbish. So??? Does it really matter if one practice might not happen? Couldn't it even be moved to say, I dunno, another day?

Well that was fun. Tune it next time for: Why I hate Microsoft...


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