30 October 2006

An Odd Geography Lesson.

Chemistry was poor. We had another test, and although it was ok, Pearson only gave us twenty minutes to complete it, so I don't think anyone had enough time to finish it and check their answers. Later on there was Physics, which I actually like. No seriously, it isn't half as bad as people make it out to be. It's actually quite funny. Every lesson Greenwood walks in and out for the first twenty minutes and today he spent about the minutes convincing us he wasn't handing out a test. Oh, and we played with a dead man's bones. A normal Physics lesson then...

Geo though was another thing. I think saying it was 'chaos' is not even touching upon what was going on. We didn't seem to do anything except laugh, much to Service's annoyance. Oh, and for some reason I was blamed for global warming? Just for the record I don't leave lights on when I do to school, and I don't have a draught excluder in my room. WTF? Who has? Well anyway, we aren't gonna get 'A's if we have more lessons like today's...


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