18 October 2006

Yr 7 Dance Day.

It was pretty chaotic to try and get everything set up before Yr 7 started 'dancing'. Then once everything was sort of in place it was off to Geography, about half an hour late. Never mind though, my group still has to present - though I didn't (citing stress, obviously...). At the end though, Service stated that she would be 'dancing' later on in the day. YouTube was suddenly mentioned, which got her quite worried! Well I think saying that the video of her dancing would be on the net by half nine was slightly worrying.

Later on I did some filming then there was break for lunch, where we managed to rip the CD they were using on their laptop without them noticing. I guess it did help that they were eating in thee canteen at the time, but still. Oh yeah, and we tried filming from the trolley, ie. sawood pulling it with me on it with a camera. The results were awesome. Shame we can't really do it in say House Music. Anyway I better upload that video to YouTube...


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