26 May 2006

Religious Studies (Short Course).

The RE exam wasn't that bad. I could say 'God answered my prayers' but that's just crude. The things which I did in the exam were as follows:

  • The compulsory bit about the existence of God.
  • The other compulsory bit.
  • The marriage question.
  • The poverty question.

I wanted to do the war question, but was a bit stumped by the part which asked about a religious person who opposes war. We haven't done that have we? I could have gone home after this, but didn't. Instead I finished editing one of the sixth form exams. Well, I don't have any exams for a week...

23 May 2006

English Literature (Specification B).

Today was another exam which I was dreading, the English Literature exam - featuring delights such as Thomas Hardy's 'Far From The Madding Crowd', William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Best Words'. I thought that the exam went quite well. I won't say really well, because I do not want to tempt fate, but despite the pre exam panic the questions weren't as bad as they could be. The ones which I did were:
  • Love and Hate in 'Romeo and Juliet'
  • The role of chance in 'FFMC'
  • Comparing human emotions in 'Ballad' and 'First Love'

All I can say is that I'm very glad it's all over now, well English Lit. No more FFMC ever!!! RE is the next exam, better start revising...

20 May 2006

One Pound!!!

I didn't do much today. Another dose of charity shopness, although I did find a really interesting, practically new book on WWII which had a price of £25, and I managed to get it for only £1!!! A bargin or a bargin? I really should do some revision...

17 May 2006

French Listening Exam.

It seemed a bit of a waste really, going in just for one exam today, and it had to be French. I thought that the exam actually went quite well, I found Section Two, dare I say, easy. Section Three was harder, especially the last few pages. Fortunately though, you could actually hear the tape, unlike in the mock, cos they were playing it through the new PA system. So, the first 'proper' exam over, roll on English Lit. Actually, don't. It's possibly the worst exam...

16 May 2006


I spent the morning and part of the afternoon revising. Then I noticed that Apple has realised their new consumer range of Intel laptops, which I'm looking into getting one, so that sort of screwed up my French listening revision...

12 May 2006

The Final Day Of Year 11.

So, it is finally here, the day I've been dreading since the beginning of Year 10. Before school there was an assembly with Walker, who (in a nutshell) told us to revise, beat last years GCSE record or else and to revise. He also told us that, "Things would never be the same again." I hate change, I don't want things to change, I like it how it is at the moment. I don't want people to leave, I don't want exams, why can't things just stay the same?

Maths was rather scary. Girdler didn't care that we didn't do any Maths at all. In fact she had some non Maths related puzzle cryptic stuff, like dingbats and something which was more intriguing/surprising. There was one sheet which was labelled 'Invigilators 2002' and you had to write down the correct chocolate bar for the cryptic description (e.g. wobbly children - jelly babies). So in fact the invigilators do not have to walk up and down like fools, but can spend their time solving chocolate puzzles. Girdler also had sweets (I tell you, my teeth are going to rot at this rate...).

French was spent doing well no French, instead we watched 'Free Willy' which is a truly awful film. We also watched the beginning of Die Hard 2. I haven't seen it before, and didn't actually get to see much. But all that I did see was, who I assumed to be 'the bad guy' doing yoga naked in from of a mirror. Hmmm. Interesting. And so, the end of another era. No more French, it's a great feeling - but sad in a way, as I can't say out loud, "I hate French with a burning passion."

Tech was probably one of the best lessons ever. We had the lesson outside and Bunting was surprisingly relaxed despite the fact that it was obvious that people didn't know any Tech. Every time someone got something right she lobed a lollipop at them. Yes, you read correct, a lollipop. If we had been given lollipops while we did our c/w we would all have done amazingly. By lunch I had already lost most of my teeth due to the excessive amount of sugar consumed.

We lost the last game of football, so I won't go into any detail. Physics was really laid back. I didn't do anything. Everyone seemed determined to get a picture of/with Mr Birke and he got really annoyed but refrained from exploding. Chemistry was quickly finishing the course, then eating various sweets, watching some experiment and getting a dose of Ricky Gervais in Extras. Well it beats the usual Red Dwarf science videos (ah! cannot stand that show!).

After school I played my (potentially final) game of football and then went home. But I was back later - A level Drama exam. They were really good, so it was good that I came back to see them...

11 May 2006

A Slightly Surreal Day.

The penultimate day of Year 11 didn't exactly get off to a good start. When I got into school the fire alarm was going off. It was very odd, because no one in the school seemed to be taking any notice of it. I found Cook and he definitely could hear it, and so could Harris. Later on, Newmie rounded us up and we attempted to get to the form room and sent us to the playground, where the whole school waited.

It seemed to take forever for the damn 'engineer' to come and turn all of the alarms off. Eventually they were all off, and we could begin the day (damn! If they couldn't turn them off, we could have gone home). However the if there was a fire we wouldn't know so we were told that Walker would run around the school waving his bell and blowing a whistle. I wanted a fire to start, just so that I could see him do that.

There was only half of Tech, because of the long fire alarm. We didn't get much done, except fill out some declaration forms and hand back any school stuff that we have. Geo was certainly memorable to say the least. First up we watched a GCSE bitesize Geo video, and had to answer all the questions. Then we had to write down a 'geographical word' for each letter of the alphabet, which seems easy - but you try to get something for 'X' and 'Z'. As if that was not enough fun, Service had actually bought cakes for all of us and had (can you believe it!) put each of our names on one in icing. Now that is dedication!!!

Drama was a cover. I spent most of the lesson doing a 'quiz' with Bugg, Ambe and Carter, Morrell didn't mind, but Burcher got really annoyed when Fergie put crisps all over the floor. Well you would expect him to get really annoyed if someone did that! PSE was watching some rubbish Trident health and safety video. Bio was doing some final revision. So, it's the end of another era, last Biology lesson. It was also my last Drama lesson, but it won't really be my last because even though I'm not doing Drama as I'll still be on the 'Technical Team'...

10 May 2006

The Computer Misuse Act.

It seemed more like Year 10 during registration, because completely out of surprise Ham registered us. It was a return to the golden era of Ham. I really think that he should 'buy' us back, even if there are only two days left, please.

Geography was first. We continued with last lessons work, and also looked over last year's paper to see how each section was different. I really wouldn't mind doing last year's paper because some of it was based around the Niagara Falls, which I have been too. It probably wouldn't give me that much of an advantage, but it would be nice to know a bit about the place in the question beforehand. Physics was doing another paper, intertwined with various insults thrown at/from Birke. Then it was the last ever English lesson. She wasn't even there for it! We had a Greenwood cover, which was just as funny as yesterday. Then we saw 'the end' of FFMC. I say 'the end' because Morrell left a note saying to only see the last twenty minutes, but even I could predict that there was more than twenty minutes left.

Maths was beginning another paper (with various two way insults between Girdler and us). Drama was a cover. It wasn't really that bad, Ambe, Bugg and I went onto the computers and had a competition to see who was better at various subjects on BBC Bitesize. Some of the subjects were purely random, like music appreciation and Irish reading tests. I did learn one very important thing though, it is illegal under Section One of the Computer Misuse Act to intercept a message to a pager. That will come in really useful in later life...

09 May 2006


The day began with the end of an era. No more Art, ever. And I mean ever. None of that, "Last time I'll ever do French/German/Economics etc," which people say - despite the fact that they have an exam in about a month. I've done my Art exam, this really is the last time I'll ever do Art. I have to admit that I have liked some or it, but not having to do an A3 page of h/w each week is quite nice. Well, in my final ever Art lesson (yes, I am going to keep stressing this) I had to add some writing to one of my final pieces. The terrible done the night before transcription piece. It does look a bit better, but I still don't really like it.

English was watching more of the 'excellent' cinematic adaptation of Thomas Hardy's celebrated classic novel, 'Far From The Madding Crowd'. Ok, no matter how hard I try to make it sound decent and watchable, it isn't. It is just one of the worst things I have ever watched, and that is someone that had to see some of the House Films that weren't deemed suitable to be shown to the school, such as the infamous 'Dogwatch'. FFMC was obviously made on a budget of about £50, it's just so bad.

Maths was marking the paper we did for h/w. Girdler really doesn't like us at all. Games was a cover. There was a mixture of Tattersall and Mr/Dr Greenwood. Dr Greenwood (said in that uncanny voice) was certainly the funniest out of all of them. He told us that we were doing something called USSR, which stands for something like uninterrupted silent supervised revision. Honestly, it's great...

08 May 2006

Doodle 4 Google.

Art was a cover, because there is apparently some unimportant A level Art exam going on. I say unimportant because I'm not doing it next year, and because they probably thought the same about us during our exam. We didn't have any cover work set, but Wiltshire did drop off some work. Well, if you can call designing a doodle for Google work. I read about this comp ages ago, but didn't expect that we would have to do something for it in Art. Well I spent all the lesson doing it, and I think what I've come up with is ok, not good, but not bad.

English was watching a film version of FFMC. It wasn't exactly a MI:II or Saving Private Ryan sort of thing, well for one it doesn't take place during a World War, and nor do Sergant Troy and Boldwood have a shoot out in a chemical laboratory building for a disease which could potentially kill everyone on the planet. The 'special effects' were shocking to say the least, in their appallingness. I mean the sheep falling off the cliff were just plain funny.

French was spent preparing for our exam(s), but then Hagedorn allowed us some 'Free Willy'. Sorry, I just couldn't resist putting it like that. Then it was RE, which incidentally is my last RE lesson ever. Bio was revising the kidneys, while Chem was doign various revision stuff. So, this is the last week of school (before the exams)...

07 May 2006

The Sultan's Elephant.

I trotted down to London today with my family, to see what I thought would be something really poor. Wow. It wasn't. There was this forty ton elephant walking about London, and possibly more suprisingly it was actually walking...

06 May 2006

Twenty One Hours (And Counting...).

I spent the afternoon in the charity shop again. I've worked out that so far I've spent over twenty one hours working there. Twenty one hours!!! It doesn't seem like that much when you're doing it, but it is an awful lot. Still, I have decided to do it for a year which should be about one hundred and fifty hours. Still, it is for charity...

05 May 2006

One Week Left.

Before school I had to get all of my Art stuff together, cos apparently tomorrow it is going to be marked. I didn't realise how much work I have actually done over the two years. Maths was doing a paper, which according to her is going to be the second from last one we will do. Damn, that means that the exam is close, very close. French was also doing a past paper, a past reading paper. Shame I don't really care about the subject, but I would still like to get an 'A'. Tech was looking over the mock paper. This seems to be the only subject where we haven't done many past papers, possibly because only like a week ago we were going our c/w.

Physics was spent doing (surprise, surprise) a past paper. Chemistry wasn't doing a past paper. Partly because we haven't finished the course. Well, still a week to go. I think we're near the end though. We've got one week, one week! AHHHHH...

04 May 2006

Four Sections Left.

So, four Tech lessons left - ever. I don't actually hate the subject, nor do I love it. It's one of those I like it sometimes and hate it sometimes lessons. We continued work on the mental spider diagram with all the production methods and general information. I say mental because it is a complete mess with words everywhere and lots of lines. Geography was looking over what we do for Paper Two, which for some unknown reason people got really confused over. All it is, is that there are four sections each with two questions, and we answer one from each section. Honestly it's not difficult!

Drama was a cover. We had to do several plans for essays. I spent ages on my The Royal Hunt of the Sun one, because it was so awesome. PSE was sitting doing nothing, so I read my copy of the script of TRHOTS. I also learnt that my work experience is at Britvic, with Cook! Sweet, roll on the drinks! I couldn't go to Bio because I had to go to the orthodontist. I don't know why I bother going, he doesn't actually do anything...

03 May 2006

GCSE Art Exam - Day Two.

Ok. So second day of the Art exam. I got onto my work and did a fair bit in the morning, possibly because I wasn't listening to any music. In the afternoon I finished the piece, which involved cutting up loads of chicken wire (which is surprisingly difficult). Well I guess that's it. No more Art ever (except of course for the two lessons next week!). No more exams for two weeks...

01 May 2006

GCSE Art Exam - Day One.

It was the actual Art exam today. I was surprisingly relaxed about it, considering that today is the culmination of almost two years work. I managed to get a fair bit done, but there is still loads to do. Tomorrow I really need to crack on...